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Friday, March 13, 2009

Overcome a Back Button Problem with Firefox 3 for Windows

Mozilla Firefox browser, simplified

Mozilla Firefox is a good free web browser and is fast. But several messages on its Forum report a sudden loss of the upper bar, the browser toolbar. So that the browser back button (red arrow) and the present website (blue arrow) are invisible and can not be recovered by restarting.


If you download the new Mozilla Firefox 3.0.5 watch whether you want to download it in "Safe Mode" for beginners, or "Custom Mode" for advanced use. The reports in the Forum of Mozilla, with the back button suddenly not working and the input for the website not available, had probably downloaded Safe Mode, as I did. Browsers become useless, if one can not move backwards, nor put another website into a new tab.
Read the Forum suggestions. They advise to use Tools, Options, and set Firefox back to Default. It did not work according to several Forum messages, neither with me. If that does not work, they advise a complicated road and wish good luck. I avoided that one, because I do not want to gamble with luck. If you like to know my way to fix the situation with Windows Vista Business, read on.
Uninstall the Firefox 3.0.5 program completely from your computer (over the Control Panel), and remove also the saved file plus the desktop icon, if you have it. Then reinstall the program from a www.mozilla.com website (green icon with download button). Choose this time the "Custom Mode". Although I had deleted my Firefox icon on the desktop it appeared again, now named: Safe Mode. Also a popup window appeared asking for the download of the custom mode. If you fill it out, an exe. file for the custom mode appears in your files and may be also the start menu list, from there you send it to your desktop and delete the safe mode Firefox icon. These two programs are linked together in the download, therefore this procedure. Now Firefox works beautifully. After a few days it adjusts to your browsing habits and your use of the internet and gets even more satisfying

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