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Friday, March 13, 2009

Clean an LCD Computer Screen

LCD computer screens are particularly delicate. LCD stands for liquid crystal display. They are not designed with the human touch in mind, which makes cleaning LCD screens something to take seriously. If the right products or methods are not used when cleaning LCD displays, you risk damaging them. LCD monitors are a very expensive component to replace, take care to clean them wisely.

Mix 1/2 and 1/2 Isopropyl Alcohol and Distilled water in a small spray bottle. Shake up well.

Spray cleansing solution onto a microfiber cleansing cloth or eyeglass cloth, slightly dampening it. You don't want it wet. Do not spray directly onto your screen.

Unplug your LCD computer monitor and wipe GENTLY, making small circular motions. Unplugging your LCD screen is an important step, do not neglect it. This further protects your fragile pixels from damage during cleaning.

Purchase a quality protective computer filter. This acts as a sort of screen over your screen. It helps protect your screen from debris as well as pointing fingers. Additionally, they are designed to protect your sensitive eyes from the potentially damaging glare from the computer screen.

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