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Friday, March 13, 2009

Get a Domain Registered for Free For ur Website

My little world

Two ways exist, either register your website for free, or rent or sell some of your website space for attractive adds to compensate for the monthly registration fee. You also learn that you need a host for your website.

Use search engines like Google, Yahoo, MNS, for free URL registration, free website, free domain, free URL listing, domain name free, and also free URL hosting, free website hosting, free domain hosting. You will find several free registration and hosting opportunities. Some exist only for a limited or trial time. In some cases registration and hosting is available in a bundle.
Determine the goal of your website to which you want to attract visitors and/or buyers. If you have already a store in a city that brings regular income, and you want only to add a website to your other advertisement tools, you probably can easily create a website, find a free URL, or free com URL, and also find a host for free. The host often helps you to create the website. In such case the locality of your store or stores should show up on your website.
Use also the search engines, if you want to create a website as an internet store or blog only. Your layout and procedure has to be different, because this website is your only advertisement tool. Hosts offer sometimes free hosting together with registration. The disadvantage of registering with your host can be a sudden change in price when the renewal is due. If you keep your host and your registration service separated, you just find another one if the cost changed at renewal time.
Use also the search engines, if you want to pay for your registration and retrieve the fee through renting or selling out space on your website in the form of a banner (the top space rented out like in eHow.com) or side and other spaces. Get information from sites which you find through the search engines. Google Adsense adds are free. Learn how to include them. Also learn about Google Adwords to know more about adds. Offer space on your website for rent. Best is not to blend these ads in too closely with your site, so that your customers know to contact you and do not click in error on offers from your advertisers, although that will not harm you because you make money through the rented out space. You will always be in a win win situation. To make such arrangements, your site must be attractive. No one wants to rent or buy space from a dead site. A website like Michaelsavage.com rents monthly space for several thousand.

  • Use different search engines for all your needs. From each contact you learn something. You need to know about disputes which arise through renewals and transfers.
  • Be aware of unsolicited renewal offers from resellers, contact your register company or host to be sure about the offer. Keep your agreements on hand and know the renewal dates.
  • With each download, you are in danger of downloading a virus or trojan horse. Therefore scan a download before installing it, or have your protection plan do it for you. This is especially important if you want to get something for free.

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