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Friday, March 13, 2009

Decipher Computer Lingo

If your computer-savy teen hollers out to his buddy over Skpe, "Dude, there's a glitch in the goo!" , what would you do? Well, first of all, let's hope for your teen's social sake they don't talk EXACTLY like that, but really, what would you do about the glitch in the goo? Boil some water? Head for the hills? First, you probably better learn to decipher computer

He knows what Bill said! You should probably start with a website which will decipher computer lingo so well that a child could understand it. Face it, your kid more than likely knows far more than you, so obviously you can't expect to run overnight. Start by taking baby steps at youthetech.com.
A top seller! If you prefer to see your definitions in black and white on paper, there are several dictionaries that were specifically written to decipher computer lingo. Just do a quick search on Amazon.com or Borders.com and you'll come up with a listing of a dozen or so.
Talk to you later! If you're still not satisfied with the above choices there is another site on the web that should do the trick. There is an internet slang dictionary and translator at noslang.com which even you can navigate. All you do is type in the symbol or the phrase that you don't understand and it will decipher the computer lingo for you. Ok, well TTYL!

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