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Friday, March 13, 2009

Free up Space on your Computer

Sometimes you just need to free up space on your computer. Whether you need it to be able to install or run a program or even as a requirement for work purposes.

Here are some steps you can take now to free up some space on your computer in no time at all.

To free up space on your computer start by Defragmenting and doing a Disk Clean up on your files and system. Typically you can get to this feature through the start menu it is usually under "System Tools".

Depending on how much room you have currently to start with it may take several minutes to several hours to completely defragment.

Also remember to clear your cache, cookies and browsing history often as this information bogs down room on your system too.
The next step to free up space on your computer is to Delete any unnecessary files, pictures and uninstall any unused programs.
If after the above two steps you are looking to free up even more space up on your computer try picking up a storage media device such as a SanDisk, CD or floppy type disk and use those to store all media that is taking room up on your computer such as articles and other text documents and all pictures.

You might be surprised but to free up space on your computer, if you have a lot of pictures removing them or switching them onto disks and deleting from your system can often open as much as 2-5% (if not more)

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