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Friday, March 13, 2009

Clean Your Computer's Desktop

Having a desktop on your computer with a million icons in random places not only looks bad, but makes it very hard to find things. Here are some steps to declutter your computer's desktop.

Delete unused shortcut icons. Think of all the shortcuts that you created when installing various programs. Do you really use those applications enough to warrant a shortcut? Probably not. Shortcuts should be reserved for the programs you use the most -- most likely your preferred browser and favorite games!

Create new folders and label them with categories such as "Office Documents" and "Family Photos" and then move those files into their respective folders. This helps declutter your desktop, and also organizes all your files in the process.

Use a higher resolution. Bigger screen resolutions gives you more screen real estate, and allows you to work with your files in an easier and more convenient manner. When you use smaller screen resolutions, you can only show so many files on your desktop at once.

Move any personal photos and documents into your Documents folder. There is generally no reason why you should have personal files on your desktop, especially if you are sharing this computer with someone else. Keep them organized in appropriate folders off the desktop, and leave your screen real estate for the most important applications only.

When you've forgotten what your wallpaper looks like because of all your icons and you are too lazy to do the steps above, simply right click on the desktop and choose the View option. Then, disable the "Show Desktop Icons" feature, and all your icons will disappear until you turn this option back on!

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