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Friday, March 13, 2009

Merge a Letter in Word

Merging letters allows you to customize letters to each individual in a mailing list. These directions are for Office 2007, though many steps are similar to previous versions of the software.

Create a template letter in Word. Then create or export a recipient list into an Excel document. Save both documents and then close them.

Open a new blank document in Word. Select Mailings from the tool bar.
In the box Start Mail Merge, select the Start Mail Merge drop down menu. Choose the Step by Step Wizard.
Choose a document type and click next. Select starting document by choosing ‘start from an existing document’. A file menu will appear. Select open or browse; search your computer for the template Word document and select open again.
Select recipients by choosing ‘use an existing file’. A file menu will appear. Select open or browse; search your computer for the Excel document.

Check ‘yes’ that your list has a header row.

If you would like to remove specific recipients from the list, un-check the boxes beside their name in the list. To continue, click okay and return to the Word menu.
Add merge fields. (The name of each field is drawn from the header row in Excel).

Use Insert on the toolbar to add text, like date and time, into your document.

Use Mailings on the toolbar to insert merge fields drawn from the excel document.
When all desired fields are inserted, under the Mailings menu select finish and merge. From here you can preview the document, view the final merged letters, save the final document, and print your letters.

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