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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Advance Your Computer Skills

Learning how to use a computer is a must in our modern world. Anyone who doesn’t know how to operate one is considered way behind from the rest of the people who do. In order to catch up with modern trends, it is a must to know how to use this valuable tool, build up your computer skills, and advance your knowledge and skills as you go. The following are some suggestions on how to do it:

Have goals on what specific computer skills you want to learn better and put them down in writing. Then make an assessment how long you think you can able to accomplish them. Every person differs in how fast they learn a specific skill, so you know better what’s the ideal time for you. Put the estimated time frame beside every goal you wrote down. For example, typing using both hands is one computer skill you want to improve. You can type but you are very slow and don’t use all your 10 fingers on the keyboard. You can write as one of your goals, “Type with both hands at the speed of 30 words per minute” and put let’s say “3 days” to accomplish this. There are plenty of free typing tutor software online which you can download to your computer or you can simply access them and start practice typing. After every exercise, you will be given rating which you can compare as you progress along. Spend at least two hours a day doing typing exercises to improve your skill. Continue writing down the rest of your goals with a schedule next to it & work on them diligently.

Master the basics. One way to advance in your computer knowledge and skills is to be a master in the basic computer operations. Take the time to learn the necessary basic skills needed to use computer which includes safely turning on and off your computer, using the mouse and keyboard, creating folders to store your files, printing your work, opening and closing windows, backing up files, among others. It will be easier for you to advance to new skills if you have familiarized yourself first with the basic.

Spend more time working on your computer. The only way for you to be an advanced computer user is to spend time working on it to familiarize yourself with its parts (hardware and software) and how it works. It’s impossible to wish that your skills will improve just thinking about it. You must have hands-on experience in order to get better in it.

Don’t be afraid to explore and ask questions. Most users who just started learning the computer only stick to what they already know for fear that they might accidentally delete some files and programs or worse damage it. The best way to ease this fear is to make a back-up first before you start exploring your computer. This way you can revert to the old settings and files in case something goes wrong along the way. Remember, to learn and improve what you already know, it takes a lot of exploration. Each time you get to the computer, take time to experiment more of its features, test how each command or button functions, and figure out how other programs installed in your computer works. Most software comes with a Help feature that you can access to learn more information how it works. If you have other questions that you can’t able to find, you can search for it online or ask somebody who is knowledgeable about the subject.

Practice regularly the skills you already know. The best way to retain what you know is to keep practicing until you already mastered them. Advancing in your computer skills requires dedication, plenty of practice, interest, and willingness to learn. If you have these qualities, you are sure to get ahead faster than those who merely wish to be better in using the computer without doing much.

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