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Friday, March 13, 2009

Fix A Slow Computer Like New

When I talk to people about their computers … there is constantly one issue that annoys them over any other computer problem. You might think it is spyware, you may think that it is a virus… but no. The one problem that computer users hate more than any other is a slow running computer and they want to know how to fix a slow computer

There are a range of reasons why a computer has become too slow and many grounds for why your pc has slowed down. However, there is regularly one issue that gets forgotten about when you are assessing why your computer is so slow.

This problem is not as well known as those like spyware and viruses which can slow down and even destroy your system or perhaps capture all of your personal information, however, this one reason for slowing down your computer is perhaps one of the most common reasons for a slow computer and improving the performance of it is one of the easiest ways to fix a slow computer
This particular computer issue is one of registry corruption and is very common … even more so in some of the later windows operation systems like XP and Vista. Why is this? Why is your computer so slow? Well… the windows operating systems contain a large hierarchy and in particular XP and Vista are much more expansive. What does that mean? It means that there is a huge potential for your Windows Registry to become corrupted.

As you use computer regularly over time, particularly as you install and uninstall programs, use programs and make changes to your computers settings your computer can become unstable and start to be annoyingly slow.
The best way to stop it from becoming slow or to return it to its normal operating performance again is to keep that registry clean. A quality registry cleaning tool will scan your computer for errors and will repair them in a couple of simple clicks. By running a regular scan (much like any other maintenance – like spyware or virus scans) you will ensure that your computer is running fast and you will prevent yourself ongoing computer related stress!!

So, this is how to fix a slow computer – but which registry cleaner should I use? There are a range of tools on the internet. The first thing you want to do is use one that gives you a free scan so you can see if you need to repair your windows registry before you pay for it. Visit fixaslowcomputer.com for more details on how to fix a slow computer and to download a free scan of regcure – one of the most popular registry software tools on the internet.

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