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Friday, March 13, 2009

Run Software Automatically when Windows Starts Up

Menu Right click on "Start" this will bring up a popup menu. On the popup menu click the option "Explore". This brings up a windows explorer.
C:\ Drive In your windows explorer, find your "C:\" drive. Double click on the "C:\" drive to expand all of the folders underneath.
Documents and Settings Locate the "Documents and Settings" folder and double click on that to expand the file menu tree.
My Folder Now locate the folder that corresponds to your name. Double click on it to expand this folder even further.
Start Menu Double click on the folder labeled "Start Menu" so you can expand it.
Programs Double click on the folder labeled "Programs" so you can expand it.
Startup Notice you see the folder labled "Start up". In there you will place shortcuts of your programs. Notice how I have a shortcut to my email program and my messenger program in there. A shortcut is all you need. If I were to reboot my machine, those two programs would run automatically. If I ever wanted to undo this I would simply come back to this folder and delete those shortcuts.

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