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Friday, March 13, 2009

Copy or Rip a DVD to your Hard drive so you Don't Have to Carry around the disc

Ever want to take a DVD with you on a long trip but didn't want to carry the actual disk with you? Well I am going to show you how to do just that. We will copy/rip a DVD onto your hard drive that you can watch from your computer anytime you want! No more carrying tons of DVDs with you. The best part is the movie you create will only be about 700MB so if you have a big hard drive that is a lot of movies!

Download E.M. DVD Copy for free. (link in Resources area) Install the software without changing any of the default settings. This is the software the will copy/rip the DVD for you.
Download ffdshow for free (link in Resources area) Install using the default settings. This software tells your computer what type of codec the movie uses so you can play it back.
Insert you DVD into the DVD player.
Open E.M. DVD Copy. On the opening screen you will pick rip. The difference between rip and copy is rip will make it so your computer can use it from the hard drive, dvdcopy will do just that so you can copy to a back up disc.
Now choose Wmv (windows) or AVI. I use AVI but some systems prefer WMV you may have to try both to see what works for you.
Now the program will automatically open your DVD. Do not change anything on this screen. Click OK.
On the next screen hit the plus sign next to your DVD. If there is more than one title selected un-check everything but the title with the most time on it. This is the main movie. On the bottom left select your file output name and folder. Hit rip.
Walk away for a while and let the system finish. Remove your DVD from the drive. Find the output file you named in Step 7. Doubleclick and enjoy! You now have copied/ripped a copy of your DVD onto your hard drive for viewing while traveling.

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