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Friday, March 13, 2009

Enlarge Text on Your Browser

I work with a lot of different monitors at work and at home and often I find the problem of having different browser views distort the text size on the screen.

Instead of messing around with the display settings, you can use the browser to zoom in on text or zoom in on the entire image depending on the browser your using.

Below you will find some easy instructions to do this.

CLICK TO ENLARGE If you have fire fox Click on view, zoom and then you can choose zoom + or zoom - or even zoom text only.

Click on the image to see menu options.
CLICK TO ENLARGE Depending on which version of Internet Explorer you have will determine how each zoom function will work for you. In both versions you would Click view and then text size and the size of the text will increase depending on what size you choose.

FYI: Some pages the text will not change because the way the page was programmed in html. Some web masters will lock down the text size to keep from distorting the tables on the particular page.
You'll find out that this little modification really helps when your looking at spreadsheets or tables of information on the internet. You can always right click on the desktop and go to properties to tweak your view a little more however this is a quick an dirty if you don't want to go through menus full of options. Enjoy

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