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Friday, March 13, 2009

Apply Formatting in Excel

If you need Microsoft Excel help, look no further. This Microsoft Excel tutorial will teach you everything you need to k
Microsoft Office How to Use Excel - Font: To change the font, or add bold, underlining or italics to the cells in Excel, simply select the cells you want to change, then choose the font or other formatting from the Formatting toolbar.

Microsoft Excel Alternatively, to change the formatting you can right-click on the selected cells and choose Format Cells. Click on the Format tab for formatting options.

MS Excel Help How to Use Excel - AutoFormat: AutoFormat is a quick and simple way to format data. Select from a variety of preset formatting options to give the data a professional and easy-to-read look.

Microsoft Office How to Use Excel - Number Type: If you want to use Currency formatting so that your numbers have a dollar sign, or change your numbers to dates, etc., then select the cells that you want to format, right-click and choose Format Cells. From the Number tab you can choose the type of number format that you want from the Category list.

MS Office How to Use Excel - Alignment: To change the alignment of data in a cell, or to apply text wrapping, just select the cells to be formatted, right-click and choose Format Cells, then click on the Alignment tab.

Microsoft Excel Help How to Use Excel - Merge Cells: If you want to create a heading at the top of your spreadsheet in Excel, you can use the Merge Cells feature to do this. Just click and drag across the empty cells across the top of your Excel spreadsheet and click on the Merge and Center button on the Formatting toolbar. Those cells are now merged into one single cell that you can type a heading into.

For additional Microsoft Office Excel help, see the 'Resources' section below.

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