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Friday, March 13, 2009

Extend Your Laptop or Notebook Battery Life

Don't ya just hate it when you are using your notebook or laptop and suddenly you get the message on your screen that your battery is 'critically low'? Well, here are a few simple steps to saving that battery life or at least stretching it out as long as possible.

adjust power options on your laptop First, adjust your power options on your operating system.

All laptops are slightly different so you will want to consult your users manual but most models will offer: balanced, power saver, and high performance options.
Choose the "power saver" option for the maximum battery saver or choose the "balanced" option for maximum performance. The "High performance" option should only be used when you have your laptop plugged into an outlet.

access settings Most IBM/ Windows XP, and Vista users will be able to access their settings this way:

*Click "START" and then "Control Panel"

*Click "Performance maintained" (you may have to go to category/view first)

*Click "Power Options"

*Click the small arrow under the "Power Schemes" tab

*Click "Max Battery"

*Click "OK"

Apple, iBooks, Powerbooks, and MacBooks The Apple iBooks, Powerbooks, and MacBooks have their own settings to reduce battery usage whenever possible. From the 'main menu:
*Click: "System preferences"

*Click: "View menu" then: "Energy saver"

*Click "Show details"

*Select "battery" (or 'battery power')

*Select "longest"

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