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Friday, March 13, 2009

Fight the XP 2009 Anti Virus Software-Uninstall Instructions

Okay, someone really went out of their way to create an incredible wall of deception. If you keep being led back to the same website over and over to purchase the product, then you need to read this

Don't buy it, it is a scam. Don't bother to call the phone number on the website, a strange and suspicious recording that states that the website is a fraud and tells you to go to a government website. Don't do this either, this is another trap set up by these bright individuals that if they had used their brains to make something legal, they would be rich the legal way. Finally don't bother to email them, that is just another way they can get you with spam and other spy ware.
If it went through your spy ware that you have, you may need better spy ware, there are links below in the resources area for this. A new and better registry cleaner and or a good anti-virus program will get rid of it.
Before doing the next step, get yourself a flash drive or use Yahoo briefcase or your google docs storage and backup your files that are important. Remember the photos too, use the flash drive a CD or an online storage space.
Another way you can rid of it is by going back in time, yes you can do this in the virtual world. Here is how you do it. Go into your start menu then all program files in your start menu, go to "accessories" when the window opens up, slide down to "system tools" then go to "system restore." You then can choose to restore the system to the day you bought it (erases everything you ever stored) or go back a few days until the virus disappears, (best choice). If you can remember the last day your computer operated good then set it back to that date.
Whatever you do, don't give these people any more information, I have really reported them to the FCC and they should have removed the site because it is a phishing site, but I guess there are other things that are more important.

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