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Friday, March 13, 2009

Decide Between Windows XP and Apple's Mac Opperating Systems

Most people have a preference for one over the other. If you are having trouble deciding between a Mac and Windows XP, these basic tips may help you decide.

If your school or university is using one type of operating system, it is helpful to run the same operating system. However, it is not typically absolutely necessary. It may make downloading programs and documents easier. However, for working on term papers or any other reports, generally it will not make a difference which type of operating system you are using.

If your office is using one type of operating system, it is helpful to run the same operating system if you plan on taking work home with you or are planning on working from home. If your job will require you to use a flash drive or similar device to work on projects from the office, it will probably make more sense for you to be running the same operating system on your computer.

Generally speaking, graphic artists and professional writers prefer to use Apple Computers over PCs. Generally these industries really on a only a few programs that users claim work best on a Mac.

Researchers, Bankers and other finance types typically rely on Windows operating systems to create spread sheets and presentations.

Younger generations who are very hip to new technologies such as iPods and iPhones prefer to use a Mac because these products run easier and faster on Macs. If you think about it, it makes sense since Apple created these products. While these products will work just fine on your PC, Apple users claim these products do run faster and easier than on your Windows XP computer.

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