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Friday, March 13, 2009

Change Windows Vista look like Windows XP

Are you annoyed by all the new changes that Windows Vista Themes has to offer now that you are use to Windows XP? Never fear there is hope for you yet. You can make your Windows Vista just like the XP and still keep all the new stuff you love.

Start Menu

To change over your Start Menu right click on “Start” and select “Properties.” In the box that pops up choose the “Classic Start menu” and click “OK

To mimic the Windows XP look instead of the Windows Vista Desktop right click on the open area of your desktop and pick “Personalize” from the list. There should be a list of themes and you want the one called “Windows Classic” in the drop down menu. Don’t forget to click “OK” to accept your change.
Fixing the Folder Menus

Click into documents folder by choosing “Start” and then “My Documents”. Click on “Organize” and pick “Folder and Search Options”. Under the General tab there is an option to “Use Windows classic folders”, pick it and click “OK”.

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