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Friday, March 13, 2009

Clear Your Cache

Cache Getting A Bit Much?
Clearing your cache can make your computer run faster, and be more productive! It's a really simple process, here's how to do it!

Cache equals Cash First off, I know it's not part of the article, but cache is pronounced "cash" or "kash", just a heads up.

I just like this picture, the next one will be different The first thing you are going to do once your computer it booted up all the way, is open an Internet Explorer window and let it load.


The Internet has arrived! Once Internet Explorer is done loading your home page, go to Tools, and then to Internet Options. It is usually the last option on the drop down bar.

Some more internet! In Internet Options there will be a tab named "General" and in that tab there will be a option that says "Browsing History" and in that area there will be a delete option. We're almost to that durned cache, we're in the home stretch!

You can now delete Temporary internet files, cache, any web sites you have been to lately, passwords that are saved, and that kind of thing. Way to go, we just took out the computer trash, and you don't even have to wash your hands like you would for the household trash!

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