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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Let Visitors Email Your Blogger Post to Friends

Blogs are basically Internet diaries. A blog may contain articles, pictures, news or links to other Web sites. One way to make it simple for your blog visitors to share your blog posts with their friends is to add an email button to your blogger post. The steps below only take a minute to do.

First you need to log in to your Blogger Dashboard.
Scroll down to the section titled "Blogs." This is a list of the blogs you have created.
Click on "Change Settings" next to the blog you want to add the email option to.
On the new page scroll down to "Show Email Post links."

From the drop down list click on "Yes."

Make sure you click on "Save Settings."

You will need to "Republish" your blog to see the changes on your blog.

Now when you view your blog at the bottom of each blogger post you will see posted by 'name', the time posted, number of comments and an icon (envelope) that visitors can click to email your blogger post to friends.

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