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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Choose a Wireless Adapter for Your Computer

You want to connect to a wireless network, but you need an adapter. Learn how to choose a wireless network adapter for your computer.

Interface: The two most common interfaces are PCI and USB. The network adapters that use the PCI interface tend to be both cheaper and more reliable, though maybe not as convenient to install. To install a PCI network adapter you'll need a free PCI slot, and need to know how to install a PCI card in your computer To install the USB version, you just plug it in an available USB port.

Security: Get a network adapter that supports the highest level of security your router supports. To find out what level your router supports, find its manufacturer and model, and look up the specs online.

Antenna or no Antenna: A network adapter with an antenna is usually able to broadcast a further distance than an adapter without an antenna. If the computer you're using will be far away from the router, consider getting a network adapter with an antenna or even a hi-gain antenna for the strongest signal.

Wireless Lan Version: Check the specs of your router, and get the highest version adapter it supports. The latest version is 802.11 "n," followed by "g," and "b."

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