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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Computer Repair: Replace Computer Memory

There are lots of computer repair jobs you can do yourself to save money. One DIY computer repair is to upgrade your computer's memory (or RAM). More computer memory allows more space for your operating system and software to use. This in turn enhances the speed at which your computer operates. It is easy to do this yourself and will save you lots of money.

The first step in this computer repair is to disconnect the power from your computer. Safety first!
Remove the cover from the case.
Look for where your RAM memory is located on your motherboard.
Once you find where your memory is located, check to see if there are any available empty memory slots.
If there are no slots available, then remove the old memory by unlocking the levers that are located at each end of the memory slot. The memory should release itself from the slot.
Place your new chip in the empty slot. The chip only can go in one direction. There is a notch in the chip. It should line up with the socket. Levers should lock in place automatically.
Apply slight pressure to make sure the chip is firmly seated in the slot.
Put cover back on your computer.
Turn on the computer and give yourself a pat on the back for doing your own computer repair and saving money!

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