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Thursday, July 24, 2008

solve DSL setup problems in Windows Vista

Here's some help to get you connected even when you do not have a setup disc for Windows Vista for AT&T or Bellsouth Internet Service. This assumes you have all hardware and other software in place (such as filters) as directed.

How to troubleshoot your AT&T DSL setup in Windows Vista

Open up your web browser (preferably Internet Explorer), then clear the address in the address bar and type in where the website is normally displayed.
It should find the website. If so, then proceed to type: sbcyahooreg@sbcgloal.net where appropriate.

type sbcyahooreg (in the password field).
Proceed with the DSL Internet download. You may need to use your old Internet connection to complete this download, but normally this is not necessary.

If you had a dial up Internet service provider on your computer, this may take over 60 minutes. Please allow enough time for the download to complete.
Type in in the web address bar of Internet Explorer (or other browser) on the top of the web page.
Once you are registered, you will need to go back and log out of the "master" modem and log back into your own modem with the user ID and password that you created with your AT&T account.

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