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Monday, September 15, 2008

Clean an LCD Flat Screen tips

If you have a new LCD flat screen tv, you might be amazed by the crisp clarity of the screen. After a short period of time, you might start to notice a layer of dust is dulling that brilliant screen. When cleaning your LCD flat screen, you must be careful not to scratch the surface and ruin this expensive piece of equipment.

Turn off your LCD flat screen tv. It is easier to see dirt and smudges when the screen is black.

Mix one part isopropyl alcohol (or rubbing alcohol) with one part distilled water in a spray bottle. The mixture should not be more than 50% alcohol. You can use tap water, but it can contain salt that might streak the screen.
Spray the mixture onto a clean, soft cloth. The softer the cloth, the better. An old cotton t-shirt or a micro-fiber cleaning cloth are great choices. Some LCD tvs even come with a cleaning cloth.
Wipe the surface of the screen with the cloth until clean.
Allow the screen to air dry.

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