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Monday, September 15, 2008

Choose Between a Desktop or a Laptop

First, decide how safe your environment is -- from thieves. If you live in an area that is constantly being robbed or in an area where the cat-burglars roam every week, then the desktop might be best for you. Most thieves are looking for that portable, lightweight laptop. They can pop into your place, pocket the computer right into their own backpack and walk out unnoticed.

The desktop, on the other hand, takes more muscle, and most thieves just won't bother. Why lug a stolen desktop around --when in the same space, you could carry three or four laptops.

So, if you live in a secure area or if you live in a home where there is someone "always at home", then a laptop is a good choice for you.

Laptops give you the advantage of easy set up after a "move" or change of scenery. Are you moving soon or do you move often? Laptop is the way to go.

So many times, our friends have said,"we just moved in and the computer is not connected yet". And that goes on for weeks or months sometimes, after they relocate.

Laptops are the best ways to save time. You move, just put the backpack into your bag and carry it out yourself. You are "set up" and connected immediately day as your move.
And now, for the myth that laptops can not do what desktop do. That is so not true. The only thing that a laptop cannot do is weigh in as much.

Laptops can do the same gaming, computing, net access, storage and surfing access, that any desktop can do. Years ago, desktop could hold more and do more. But come into this century, laptops are singing the song, "Anything you can do, I can do better"!

All you have to do is make sure that you get what you want when you order your laptop. If you order from Dell or from some other specific companies, they will make your laptop to order for you--at no extra cost.

And, best of all, your laptop is portable --anywhere. You can plug your laptop in anywhere and do your word processing or storage procedures. You can use your laptop to store pictures and videos and important files. And, you can even connect on the net anywhere if you have the proper wireless equipment or files.

There is not much that a desktop can do that a laptop cannot spin circles around. So, go for it. Choose the laptop.

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