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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Advantages of Linux

The Advantages of Linux


Linux is a stable operating system. Linux servers are nto shut down for years together . This means tht users on the Linux operating system work consistensly with the Linux server, without reporting any operating system failures.

Backwadrd Compatibility

Linux is siad toe be backward compatible. This implies that Linux has excellent support for older hardware. It can run on different types of processors, not just Intel. It can run on 386 and 486 Intel processors. It also runs well on DEC' s Alpha processor, Sun' s SPARC machine, PowerPc and SGI MIPS.

Simple Upgrade and Installation Process

The installation procedure of most Linux versions is menu-driven and easy. It includes the ability to upgrade from prior versions. The upgrade process preserves the exisitign configuration files and maintains a list of its actions during installations.

Low Total Cost of Owership (TCO)

Linux and most of the packages that come with it are free therefore the total cost of ownership in procuring a Linux server software is low. Also, there are a lot of people and organizations providing free support for Linux, so the cost of support can also reduce. The system configurations reuirements for installing a Linux machines is less, hence the hardware cost goes down.

Support for Legacy Devcies

Linux can run on a machine with low configuration , such as 386 DX/ Users who have low and configuration machines prefer to use Linux compared to other PSs that require configuration.

GUI InterFace

The graphical interface for Linux is the X Window system. It is didvided into two web systems consisting if a server and client. Linux has a number of graphical user interfaces called desktop Environments , such as k desktop Enironment (GNOME), both of which are versions of the X Window system. They run in the x sever.

when u start in KDEM the desktop is organised into folders such as an autoshart, trashcnn
CD-ROM , Printer, and floopy drive. all these folders are simbolized pictorially by icons. When u click on an icon the k manager pops up a browser windw.

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