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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

what is colocating hosting


Colocation is accentually where you lease space from a professional datacenter. This is option to use for people they need physical access to the hardware. Usually collocation is a more expensive option however you do have more control over your server.

Colocation Facility

Also, make sure that you are getting your moneys worth. Looking for the right colocation facility to host your servers or sites? First off, colocation is great if and only if you have a strong, working relationship with the facility. You need to know that at 2AM when your mission critical online application goes down, that you will be able to get into the facility (either you or your technician) to make the necessary changes. Many colocation facilities over-charge for bandwidth because, frankly, thats all that they really sell you. Make sure that it wouldnt be cheaper and easier for you to run fiber to another location on your own. If you can get a managed colo option, you should definitely do it.

Dedicated Colocation Server

In the strange world of web hosting, you actually pay more for uncertainty. There is certainly a premium on dedicated colocation servers, but if that is what your company needs - go for it. Getting a dedicated colocation server? Be careful, as costs can be high and uncertainty can be even higher. In return, you are getting customization and control. With a dedicated server on colo, you have (almost) complete control over your server and its applications. Alternatively, you can get shared hosting with almost no customization for a handful of change every month. Just make sure you find a reliable, accessible provider that can handle your specific colo needs.

Colocation Hosting Provider

So, what makes a colocation hosting provider better than another? Unlike many other organizations in the hosting industry - location matters. While colocation facilities can provide you with a managed network and guaranteed connectivity, they will not be able to updated and edit your mission critical software. For most businesses lookinginto colocation hosting, the provider that is located nearest you or your tech staff is the best option. Of course, reputation matters to. Ask the colocation hosting provider to give you some of their clients names and contact their tech staff to get the low-down on exactly how good that colo hosting provider is. Having a colocation hosting provider in your area is the best solution.

Colocation Hosting

Colocation has its charms, but it is especially useful for mission-critical online applications and data-serving, not just sending out web pages. Using your colocation facility to host your website might be overkill. If you are really interested in simply serving pages, look into a simple dedicated server provider or a VPS system. Either one of these will allow you to have the control and processor needed to accomplish the majority of your web hosting needs, without paying the expensive bandwidth and managing costs normally associated with colocation hosting.

Colocation Discount Web Hosting

Colocation discount web hosting is a growing trend in America. Purchasinga colo server allows you to keep your data behind a professional infrastructure. We recommend several colo offerings here, but if you dont go with them,make sure that you direct access to your server and the colocation facilitiesat every minute of the day. The last thing you want is your colocation serverto go down in the middle of the night and not have access. Getting this at a discount is not as easy though, as colocation is more expensiveand gives you a lot more space and bandwidth than your average shared hosting. Colocation discountweb hosting can be very useful, but make sure the discount doesnt mean cheap!

Server Colocation

There are a lot of good reasons to pursue server colocation. Most server colocation providers give you access to network specialists who are familiar with their running technology and keeping you connected - yet another added benefit of server colocation. Colocation gives you added control over your web presence without actually paying the expensive bandwidth and infrastructure costs of developing your own datacenter. Colocation is quickly becoming a method of lowering IT costs. If your server colocation facility provides current, reliable technology and services, you can save significantly on all of your server needs.

Colocation Services

When running through the array of colocation services, make sure that they can actually host your particular set up - whether it needs a 1U rack mount, a horizontal cage, vertical cage, quarter cage or half cage. Ask the colocation services exactly how long their systems can run on generators. Make sure that they have redundant connections, gigabit ethernet or OC-12 connectivity, multiple HVAC systems and repeated back up power systems. Generators are also extremely important, given the comonality of natural disasters and power outages. If they cant give you a solid answer about this and all of their colocation services, find another colocation provider.

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